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Making Justice Visible

Today’s employment landscape demands that workers be well-versed in multicultural awareness. As you prepare to launch your career, have you wondered —

  • How can I work toward understanding, appreciating, and respecting other groups’ histories, values and beliefs? Can I learn to be comfortable with these group differences?
  • How do I improve my understanding of the value of promoting diversity, multiculturalism, and a spirit of inclusion in my communities?
  • Does my culture teach me to be biased against other groups? Can I learn to recognize and correct my cultural biases and expectations?
  • How can I learn to recognize and avoid forms of expression that silence, marginalize, invalidate, or harm group members from different cultural backgrounds?
  • What can I do to better understand how the different parts of a person’s identity can intersect to create complex systems of oppression?
  • What can I do to help make my communities into spaces of understanding, respect, safety and inclusion for people of diverse cultural backgrounds?

Through direct involvement and experience, you can answer all of these questions — and more! Multicultural Student Services’ “Making Justice Visible” certification program is one way that you can gain experience and cultivate your multiculturalism skills as well as your own identity.

What is the Making Justice Visible certification program?

Making Justice Visible (“MJV”) is a means by which Multicultural Student Services can formally recognizes students who have engaged in thirty or more hours of Student Diversity and Inclusion activities. These activities encourage students to develop an awareness of how non-dominant groups are impacted by a dominant culture’s privilege, bias, marginalization, and oppression.

Through self-selected involvement, MJV certification participants learn by interacting with students from different cultural backgrounds (in regards to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, etc.), by engaging in intercultural and identity awareness groups, by developing awareness of differing intersections of oppression, by promoting inclusiveness, diverse perspectives and multiculturalism, by developing personal allyism, and by examining power dynamics, privilege, and oppression in our society.

Student participants document involvement and learning outcomes in preparation to receive the MJV certificate. Receiving the MJV certificate gives the student license to cite significant multiculturalism training on their professional resume.

I pledge to ask myself: “How must I grow to further social justice and human compassion?” I pledge to cultivate my awareness and my appreciation for differences through direct personal involvement. I pledge to commit myself to a sojourner’s journey to broaden my perspectives and evolve my beliefs, my values, and my actions in order to make way for a truly inclusive community.”

How do I complete Direct Personal Involvement hours for my Making Justice Visible Certification?

First, register for the MJV program here.

Second, visit Student Diversity and Inclusion websites and choose events in which you might like to participate:

Note: You may also count other events in the local community toward your direct personal involvement hours.

Third, attend an event or activity from among those you selected. Engage with the culture you are learning about! Participate by listening, watching, doing, or asking questions – whatever is appropriate given the context of the event. Remember to be respectful!

Note: If your event involves viewing a film, the SDI staff or event sponsor’s signature should not be requested until after the post-film discussion.

Fourth, record your involvement using the MJV online form. Event coordinators and MSS staff will review your documented hours; once thirty hours of direct personal involvement have been submitted, you have earned your MJV Certification, and will be formally recognized at the MSS End of Year Celebration in April 2015 (exact date TBA – keep an eye on the MSS calendar).