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Student Diversity Center

The Student Diversity Center is located on the second floor of the Student Union Building. We have lots of space for informal meetings, relaxing, dining, computer use and poster making. Please stop by and say hello.

Office: (208) 426-5950 / 426-3652
Fax: (208) 426-1057
TTY: (208) 426-1024

Student Diversity Center Policies


We are happy to provide computer and printer access to students. However, we are not a lab, so please don’t count on us to fix computer and printer problems immediately.

  • Always use a backup disk to save work. Data gets erased from the hard drive on a daily basis.
  • Printing station: To use this station, your student ID card is required.

In the Kitchen

  • A microwave and a refrigerator are available. Always wipe the microwave clean after each use.
  • Mark items you store in the refrigerator with your name and the date. Unmarked items will be thrown away.
  • Items left in the refrigerator for more than one week will be thrown away.
  • To mark items, a pen and sticky notes can be found in the far left drawer.
  • Please remember to bus and wash your dishes. Dirty dishes left in the sink will be thrown out.

The Lounge

Our lounge is a great place to hang out. The furniture is comfortable, the atmosphere relaxing. Enjoy lunch. Meet with friends. Meet new people. Do homework. Everyone is welcome.