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Training Programs

We believe training is a method of developing tools that can be used continually. Multicultural Student Services provides the following:

  • Anti-Bias: This training takes a look at the self and is aimed at removing judgment when looking at other cultures. Why do we do what we do? Our culture is a powerful and important component of who we are, and understanding the development of ourselves can help us better understand the development of others.
  • Internal Racist Oppression: This training focuses on how non-dominant groups internalize the negative messages they receive about their culture, skin color, language, etc., and how those messages can manifest themselves in self-hatred and feelings of inferiority. We look at the consequences of such manifestation and ways to counter it.
  • Dismantling Racism: We look at what racism is and how it operates. This training is aimed at raising awareness of the difference between racism as a power system and as an individual act. We will identify what racism looks like in its intentional and unintentional forms and get a better understanding of how we may inadvertently participate in it.
  • Tailor-Made to Fit Your Needs: If you or your group is interested in other types of trainings, we are here to help.

To discuss your training needs, contact us at:
(208) 426-5950 (office)
(208) 426-1057 (fax)
(208) 426-1024 (TTY)