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For Faculty

Why get involved

The Tunnel of Oppression is a unique opportunity to work with students outside the classroom on issues relating to social justice, diversity, inclusion and equality. You’ll be able to help research, write and create a theater that reflects Boise State University’s Shared Values in addressing oppression. Get to know students on a personal level. Encourage their development beyond the classroom.

How Tunnel supports the Boise State University Strategic Plan

Local and Global Impact

Boise State University fuels a robust regional economy and contributes to a vibrant and healthy community by focusing on societal and economic needs. Our students graduate with skills, knowledge, and experience that are relevant and valuable locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The work of our teachers, researchers, artists, and students provides social, economic, and cultural benefits.

Student Success and Engagement

Boise State University fosters a rich and diverse culture that is student-centered, enabling students to focus on success and achievement of their educational goals. Students participate in their education through innovative learning environments in which they gain disciplinary expertise grounded in experiential practice. Our graduates are well-rounded in the arts, sciences and humanities; they are prepared to meet the challenges and pursue the opportunities of today and tomorrow; and their experiences at Boise State create an enduring bond with the university.

Visionary Relationships

At our core is a commitment to relationships that transcend all boundaries, inspire creativity and innovation across disciplines, and foster strategic growth and economic investment in the university. These relationships bring together strengths within and beyond the university to create synergistic opportunities that enable us to explore new possibilities, address complex problems, break down barriers, and create learning experiences that synthesize ideas and practices across a diversity of perspectives. Engagement with the community promotes our mission, provides experiential learning for students, and ensures alignment of programs with crucial needs.

How to get involved

Contact Ro Parker at (208) 426-5950 or .

Quotes from past faculty

“The Tunnel of Oppression is a good way for students and community members to increase their awareness of issues we as a society tend to ignore or think it isn’t a big deal. Tunnel helps us face in a small way the oppression many in our community face in silence and too often isolation. Tunnel has helped me examine my viewpoints, stereotypes and thought patterns and take more time to examine the why of issues. I am more likely to say something when I encounter a negative situation. The Tunnel has helped me become more aware of what people in my community have to deal with on a regular basis. The death by a thousand cuts.” Dr. Caile Spear

Tunnel of Oppression, November 11-12, 2016

Why not book a session as a group. Imagine the class discussion.
For more information, call (208) 426-5950 or visit